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SmileSmile :--) :---) (:---
WinkWink ;--)
FrownFrown :--(
MadMad :mad--:-
ConfusedConfused :confused--:
CoolCool :cool--: 8---)
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :--p-
Big GrinBig Grin :D----
Eek!Eek! :eek:-- :o--
Oops!Oops! :oops:--
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:---
Er... what?Er... what? ooooo
ConfusedConfused :( o_O O_o o.O O.o :disappointed: :confused2: :unamused:
AngryAngry :angry: :imp: :poutingcat:
AnguishedAnguished :anguished: :frowning: :worried: :pensive:
BlushBlush :blush: :relaxed: :relieved:
Cold SweatCold Sweat :coldsweat:
ConfoundedConfounded :confounded:
CryCry :cry: :cryingcat: :disrelieved:
DizzyDizzy :dizzy: :rolleyes: :confused: :openmouth: :astonished: :oops: :O :eek:
ExpressionlessExpressionless :expressionless: :neutral:
Fear ScreamFear Scream :fearscream: :screamcat:
FearfulFearful :fearful:
FlushedFlushed :flushed: :hushed:
GrimacingGrimacing :grin: 8-) :grin2:
Heart EyesHeart Eyes :hearteyes: :hearteyecat:
InnocentInnocent :innocent:
KissingKissing :kissing: :kissingcat: :kissingclosed: :kissingsmiling:
Kissing HeartKissing Heart :kissingheart:
LaughingLaughing :laughing:
MaskMask :mask:
No MouthNo Mouth :nomouth:
RageRage :rage: :mad: >:( :@
SleepingSleeping :sleeping: :sleepy:
SmileSmile :smile: :smiley: :) :-) (: :D :smilecat: :smileycat:
SmirkSmirk :smirk: :smirkcat:
SobSob :sob: :'(
SunglassesSunglasses :cool: :sunglasses:
SweatSweat :sweat:
Sweat SmileSweat Smile :sweatsmile:
Tears of JoyTears of Joy :tearsofjoy: :DD :joycat:
TiredTired :tired: :persevere: :weary:
Tongue WinkTongue Wink :tonguewink: :p :P :-p :-P :tongueclosed: :tongueout:
TriumphTriumph :triumph:
WinkWink :wink: ;)
YumYum :yum:
AplausoAplauso :aplause: :aplauso:
DownDown :down: :abajo:
UpUp :up: :arriba: :thumbsup:
DormirDormir :zzz:
ShitShit :shit: :merda: